Remote Sensing

Topics for the test, 2013/14/I. semester

  1. Remote Sensing: definition, definition of photogrammetry, most important properties, groupings, application fields.
  2. Electromagnetic radiation: EMR’s double features, Wave-formula, Planck-law, The EM spectrum, atmosphere, EMR-object interaction, reflectance.
  3. Central perspective: theories of central perspective, significant points and lines, distortions of aerial photographs, basic calculations.
  4. Photographic systems – films and metric cameras: Film build-up, film types, density and its curve, properties of metric cameras.
  5. Passive digital sensors: Digital sensors, resolutions, 0D and 1D scanners, Landsat.
  6. Active sensors: RADAR SAR, SRTM, LiDAR, different platforms, application fields.
  7. Digital image pre-processing: radiometric corrections, geometric corrections, orthorectification.
  8. Image enhancement: histograms and their transformations, filters, band ratios vegetation indexes.
  9. Image classifications: definition, units of classification, types of classifications, types of supervised classifications.
  10. Image post-processing: error matrix, error map, GIS-integration, vector-based analysis.
  11. Forestry properties of RS: forestry properties of RS, direct and indirect information retrieval, height measurements of single trees (normal stereogram), volume estimation methods, nDSM or CHM, global forest inventories, forest damages.

  1. Lectures (notes and presentations)
  2. Natural Resources Canada Tutorial: Fundamental of Remote Sensing
  3. Nicholas M. Short: The Remote Sensing Tutorial

Sopron, 4th of December, 2013.

Dr. Király, Géza
associate professor